Most Recent Addition: November 21, 2019

Corrected and Added Manuscripts of Mao Zedong's Works, Discussions and Comments
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Introductory Materials

Introduction to Marxist Dialectics "Diamat" Blog on Dialectical Materialist Topics
Summary of Dialectical Concepts, with Examples Practice and Knowledge

Historical Sources

Marx on Dialectical Contradictions: A Compendium English Translations of Russian Dialectical Materialism
Marxist Philosophy in Russian English Translations of Chinese Dialectical Materialism
Marxist Philosophy in Chinese (马克思哲学汇编) Non-Russian Sources on Soviet Philosophy
Other Sources on Dialectical Materialism "Leningrad" Textbook of Marxist Philosophy
Articles on Topics in Marxist Philosophy Glossary of Hegel's Terminology

Links to Other Marxist Philosophy Materials

Marx's View of Dialectics Collection of Articles on Dialectics (ICWP)
History of Dialectics (ICWP) Artículos sobre Dialéctica (PCOI)
Dialectics Sampler, Marxists Internet Archive
"Dialectics: The Philosophy of Struggle" (Andrew Narr)
Philosophical Works of Marx and Engels Marx Engels Electronic Library
Bibliography of Historical Materialism (Haines Brown) Marx Bibliography (Andrew Chitty)
Marx and Philosophy Society Georg Lukacs' Works
Works of Marx and Engels in German  "Dialectical Marxism" Page (Bertell Ollman)


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